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Ski Bulgaria Bansko Chalet Weather



Ski Bulgaria Bansko Chalet Weather



Ski Bulgaria Bansko Chalet Weather



Ski Bulgaria Bansko Chalet Weather

Winter Weather in Bansko ~ Summer Weather in Bansko



Of course there are no certainties when it comes to predicting the weather, however we have noticed some weather patterns over the last few years that we have been in Bansko.

Temperatures dropping and snow fall both in the village and on the mountain, especially towards the end of the month.

Some very cold days on the mountain, as low as -20 degrees. Moderate to heavy snowfall throughout the month giving plenty of 'powder days'. Often a quieter month in resort meaning lots of free space on the pistes and very little, if any queing time for lifts.

Usually a little milder, especially by mid month. However still a snowy month, broken up by some lovely clear days.

Temperature tend to fall again in March and snow fall is often very heavy around mid month. Towards the end of the month it usually becomes a little milder and more spring-like with beautiful clear skies.

Snow still falling but less frequently. Warmer days mean it is possible to sit outside at the restaurants on the mountain and enjoy the sunshine on your face. 


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